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K-12 Learning

One of the developments leading to improved teaching practice is the ‘SEW’ Model, ensuring we ‘sew’ (join, fasten or repair), in our lessons, threading our three main influences on student performance together, creating an engaging tapestry of learning.

Mercy College’s SEW Model is designed to support effective learning and teaching with the focus on what teachers can do to improve outcomes for students across Style, Environment, and Work.

To ensure the students diverse needs are being met and that teaching practice is of a high standard, a common language and vision needed to be developed across the whole College. A simple model was developed, supported by current research and the experiences of long-standing teachers. It is a model that can be implemented in any school, and become part of the culture of the community.

The SEW Model, using three guiding principles, aims to improve student outcomes through effective teaching practice.  It is supported by AITSL Standards 3,4 and 5; Classroom Practice. The three guiding principles to be considered for improved practice in every lesson are:

  • Style
  • Environment
  • Work

In turn, the students learning is affected.

  • Students needs are being met
  • Engagement takes place
  • Work is differentiated

Teach to learn, learn to teach

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