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Mission & Identity

At Mercy College, Christian faith formation is an integral part of the educational process.

With Christ as our guiding light and in the spirit of Catherine McAuley, we seek to recognise, appreciate and develop the gifts of all in a spirit of collaboration, love and service. All staff are responsible for administering to the religious and spiritual needs of the school community and for providing opportunities for personal and spiritual growth and development.

We offer unique and challenging opportunities through which students and staff can deepen their understanding and experience of themselves as human beings and their faith as Christians. Building healthy, positive relationships is paramount to our approach. The process begins by offering students the opportunity to get to know each other in Form classes, liturgical celebrations, rituals and retreats.

Our retreat program enables students to reflect upon the importance of Jesus in their lives and how God is present throughout everyday life. We encourage students and staff to engage in activities that are ‘life-giving’ and put their ‘faith into action’ and ultimately benefit all members of society. Through the Christian Service Learning program there are many ways that students are encouraged to put their faith in action at Mercy College.

Put ‘faith into action’

Mercy College has a strong focus on religious formation, particularly in the area of spirituality and service. As a whole school community we come together to participate in regular liturgies. These include Ash Wednesday, Mercy Day, and also secular events such as the Anzac Day Remembrance Service and Harmony Day. Each Friday in the Chapel of St Brigid a mass is celebrated or Reconciliation is offered. Our Chaplaincy Team made up of an Assistant Liturgist and Sacristan encourage families to attend all liturgical celebrations.

Mercy College aims to develop Christian leaders who realise God is central in their lives. These leadership opportunities are provided through prayer, liturgy, retreats, music, Special Ministers of the Eucharist, Altar Servers and Student Representative Councillors (SRC).

A comprehensive Sacramental program for Catholic students is also offered. Liaising with Our Lady of Mercy Parish, the College offers courses of instruction in the preparation for Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation. Our chaplain Fr Sam greatly assists us in these programs.

Mr Chris Kan
Deputy Principal (Mission)

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