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“At Mercy College, we inspire all to come together and contribute to creating a good school that nurtures deep, authentic learning.
We foster a sense of community where people feel they belong, so they come to know their value and the impact of their God-given gifts and uniqueness.

We are committed to providing opportunities for all to action their capacity to love, serve and nurture goodness in those around them, so in this sense of connectedness, they understand and feel the love of Jesus.

Together we aim to bring to life a way of being where self-worth and connectedness motivates all to strive for the ideal, and where perseverance and resilience through challenge is admired and inspires learning that is celebrated.”

At Mercy College we are committed to helping every one of our students develop their God given gifts and reach their potential.

In partnership with our families, our parish and our rich and diverse community, we work to support every one of our children to become life-long learners, ready to take on the challenges of the 21st century.

Our motto of ‘Love in action’ and our Mercy values of Justice, Compassion, Service, Excellence and Dignity underpin everything we do. We aim to create a safe and caring environment and a culture where our students develop a love of learning and the confidence that they can make a positive difference in the world.

We are very proud of the reputation and record we have developed in providing a high-quality education for our diverse community. With a highly dedicated and professional staff, an extensive breadth of curriculum opportunities, and a commitment to meeting the individual needs of every child, we create the conditions in which all students have the opportunity to learn and flourish. We encourage our students to set high expectations of themselves and support them as they grow into creative, collaborative, communicative, critical and thinkers.

At Mercy, our Christ-centred and evidence-based pastoral model emphasises the importance for each child of developing a sense of belonging, mastery, generosity and independence. We offer a wide range of opportunities for students to grow and flourish in meeting these needs through our Retreat program, our camps and development programs and through a plethora of extra-curricular opportunities in Christian Service, the arts, and sports.

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