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Mercy College has 4 houses, they are called: Augustine, Flynn, McAdam and O’Dea.


Mother Augustine O’Driscoll was born in 1886. In Gippsland Victoria. She came to Western Australia at an early age and after completing her education joined the Sisters of Mercy in 1904 as a novice. Her final vows were taken on the 1st of February 1907. Her family consisted of generations of teachers and Mother Augustine inherited all the talents necessary to become an efficient and successful teacher. In 1907 she was appointed Head Mistress of West Perth High School, a post that she held for sixty-three years. When Mercy College was established, Mother Augustine was the Principal of Saint Brigid’s West Perth. Mother Augustine inspired others to follow her calling and she was often to be found in the classroom.


Sister Joan Flynn was born in York in 1923. AS soon as she finished school, she started training to become a Sister of Mercy (Sister Joan had also attended the school in West Perth, run by the Sisters of Mercy). In 1972 she became the Congregational Superior of almost ninety nuns and always maintained a strong interest in the students whom she taught. A driving force behind the closing of Saint Brigid’s, West Perth, she foresaw the developments ahead of Western Australia. She was to become a key figure in the establishment of Mercy College and was responsible for the purchase of land from the State Housing Commission.


Sister Paula McAdam was born in 1934, the youngest of seven children. She attended Saint Brigid’s (West Perth), as a student and taught there between 1962 – 1965. Sister Paula was the Foundation Principal of Mercy College (Koondoola) in 1972. She lists some of the highlights of her time at Mercy College as being: Mercy winning the Interschool Athletics Carnival, an operetta performed by the students, the daily sightings of kangaroos in the bushland and the purchase of a Holden station wagon by the P and F Association. As well as being Principal, she taught Religious Education, Mathematics, English and Social Studies. She also oversaw the financial running of the College. Since leaving Mercy College in 1974, Sister Paula has held many roles, including Principal at Saint Brigid’s College, Lesmurdie for seven years.


Judge Dan O’Dea was born in Geraldton in 1927 and completed his schooling at Saint Patrick’s College, Geraldton. Enrolling in Law at the University of Western Australia, he graduated to work in a variety of legal fields and for a time was President of Western Australian Industrial Commission. His association with Mercy began in 1975 as the inaugural chairman of the College Board, which he presided over for fourteen years. The Board is responsible for the financial management and building program of the school and in the early years, maintaining the vision that this ‘bush school’ would eventually cater for the expanding urban population must have been challenging task. In 1985 the Primary School library was built and in 1986 it was named the Dan O’Dea Library to honour his dedicated service to the College.

2022 House Point System

As a part of the new House System, and with the focus of building House spirit, we are excited to introduce the perpetual House Cup. Throughout the year students will be awarded points aimed at acknowledging their achievement and involvement in various activities run within Mercy College.

Category House Points
Head of Year Award (Per Term) 10
Academic Awards 5
ACC Team Representation 5
Catholic Performing Arts Festival  Participation 5
Bronze, Silver, Gold Signatures 5 Per new level achieved
Colours Award 5
Honour Award 5
Merit Certificate 1
Christian Service Learning Journals per year group. 1st = 40 | 2nd = 30

3rd = 20 | 4th = 10

Extra-Curricular Participation (per term) 1
Inter-House Carnivals (Swimming, Aquatics, Cross Country & Athletics) 1st = 100 | 2nd = 75

3rd = 50 | 4th = 25

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