Parent Council

“Mercy College is a community whose members work in partnership towards the education of young people. With Christ as our guiding light and in the spirit of Catherine McAuley, we seek to recognise, appreciate and develop the gifts of all in a spirit of collaboration, love and service.”


  1. To assist parents understand, and put into action, the Vision Statement of the College;
    • In particular to welcome new families into the College Community and to foster a spirit of “love and service” for each other;
    • to strive to build tangible and lasting relationships between parents, parish and school so that the students may experience a sense of Christian community;
    • to act as a liaison between the wider school community and the governing bodies of the school;
    • to plan, organise and promote social, sporting, cultural and educational activities for interaction of: parents; students; staff and Parish;
    • to encourage parental participation in school programs, and  to enjoy the exciting experience of their children’s formal school years; and
    • to act as a forum for ideas and discussion on any relevant issue that will benefit the education of the children.
  2. To provide educational and growth experiences for all parents in their role as parents and primary educators.
  3. To support the Parents & Friends Federation in all ways, including financially.


Michelle Blackburn – Chairperson

Shirlene Caldow – Deputy Chairperson

Tania D’Ercole – Treasurer

Jackie Carroll – Secretary

The Parent Council meet once a term. This meeting will consistently occur each term at 6.30pm in the staff room. Drinks and nibbles are provided with external and internal presenters at each meeting.