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The education of our students needs to reflect the increasing use of digital technologies in our ever expanding global society. Mercy College strives to ensure that students are provided with the opportunity to learn the appropriate skills and utilise the best tools to continue their lives as life long learners.

The College endeavours to match the phases of learning from children to young adults. All primary school students have the opportunity to work on tablet and desktop devices while current Years Three students take on the responsibility of their own personal tablet. With the need to expand the knowledge of technology, students in Year Seven to Ten are provided with a school owned laptop containing all the necessary software. As students reach their final year of education, they are required to demonstrate a high level of responsibility by providing their own device to suit their particular courses.

1:1 Notebook Program

The 1:1 Notebook Program provides every student access to a high quality, high performance laptop for use during classes and at home. It ensures a level technological playing field for all students but recognises that students learn at their own pace and ability levels. The notebook is equipped with an extensive suite of software and full on-site servicing and support is provided as part of the program. Students use their personal devices to do research, homework, solve problems, complete team projects, email and academic course work. At the same time, they gain valuable 21st Century skills that will be beneficial throughout their lives and careers.

Provision of 24/7 access to computers makes it possible for students to access a wider array of resources to support their learning, to communicate with peers and their teachers, and to become fluent in their use of the technological tools of the 21st Century workplace. The program begins with Year Seven students receiving their own Notebook and concludes in three/four years later when ownership is transferred to the student.


BYOD Program

At the conclusion of the 1:1 Notebook Program, students have participated in a wide range of learning opportunities and understand the importance of using technology effectively and responsibly. In the final years of formal education, it is expected that students make more independent choices about how to learn and which tools to use. Not all students require or utilise a laptop in their final two years of study. Some subjects require different needs and the BYOD Program allows the students to select the appropriate device for their learning needs.

This opportunity is only available to Year Eleven and Twelve students and it is the student’s responsibility to look after his or her own device. This includes software and the care of the device for loss or damage. Students are also reminded that as pupils of the College, they still have to adhere to the school policies regarding acceptable use of technology. The annual curriculum documents include the technical requirements for each of the subjects and students must be aware of these specifications before bringing their own laptop as they must be able to support the demands of the curriculum.

Online Learning Platform – SEQTA Engage and SEQTA Learn

Mercy College utilises a tool called SEQTA that connects all members of a school, allowing teachers, students and parents to work together in an interactive, supportive, online community. It enables the College to manage attendance, student welfare, lesson planning, curriculum mapping, marking and academic reporting while engaging parents and students in an interactive supportive community. With SEQTA, parents can get involved in their children’s education, and monitor all aspects of their progress. SEQTA is super easy-to-use and is refreshingly intuitive.

Mrs Donna Bird | Director of Infrastructure


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